We are accepting applications for full and half seasons.

For any questions, email marketmanager@bellevuemarket.org.

Are you interested in being a vendor at the Bellevue Farmers Market for the 2024 season? Please read and agree to the rules and regulations of the market below and email marketmanager@bellevuemarket.org if you have questions. We'll be in touch once your application has been submitted! Please note, your market space is not confirmed or guaranteed until we let you know that you have been accepted and your payment is received.

Additionally, depending on your product, certificates and licenses may be required for vending at the Market. Contact us with any questions if you're unsure about which certificates and licenses may apply to you.
Once you are approved for the market, please mail copies of the applicable items below to our address (page 2) or email them to marketmanager@bellevuemarket.org so we can keep them on file for the duration of the market. Not supplying the appropriate paperwork may result in not being able to set up at the market.

1. Proof of insurance as specified in the Rules and Regulations (Page 2). A certificate must remain current and on file with the market.
2. Sales Tax Certificate, if you sell taxable items.
3. All appropriate permits as required for products being sold: i.e. health permits, nursery license, dairy and meat permits, etc.
4. Copy of current certificate for organic goods must be placed on file with the market.
All documents should be emailed to marketmanager@bellevuemarket.org

Please contact us at marketmanager@bellevuemarket.org with any questions or concerns.

The Bellevue Farmers Market strives to be the premier local food, wellness, and community gathering destination for the North Boroughs and surrounding communities. We connect the community with local farmers and locally crafted foods and goods in a mutually beneficial way. By supporting the sale of a variety of fresh, locally grown food as well as hand crafted items sourced from local ingredients, we enhance the quality of life in and around the North Boroughs and contribute to a vibrant and thriving town center. Our aim is to support the health and well-being of residents and promote a robust regional food system to better ensure access to fresh food for everyone.

The Bellevue Farmers Market will take place in Bayne Park every Wednesday from 3-7 PM starting June 5, 2024 and running through October 30, 2024.

We offer single (10'x10') and double (10'x20') selling spaces and the ability to attend for the whole season or on a part-time basis. We're able to work with you on your specific needs, so get in touch if you don't see the particular option you're looking for in regards to attendance or booth size.

The communities that our market serves include: Bellevue, Avalon, Brighton Heights, Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, Emsworth, and Ross Township. In addition to our growing list of vendors and amazing free community offerings during the market, Bayne Park also offers a huge green space, a library, a playground, and a skate park, and even a walkable central business district, so we enjoy great attendance and community involvement.

Rules and Regulations

HOURS OF OPERATION AND LOCATION: The Market shall be located at Bayne Park at 34 N Balph Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15202 and shall operate every Wednesday, June 5 through October 30, 2024 from 3:00 - 7:00 pm.
Contact marketmanager@bellevuemarket.org for more information.
All vendors must remain at the Market site until the agreed upon closing time of 7:00, and must vacate the Market site by one hour after posted closing time. Vendors shall not sell before the opening hour of the market day. A hand bell will signal the start and end of each market’s saleable hours.

SET-UP, CLEAN-UP, AND BREAKDOWN: Set-up begins no sooner than ONE HOUR before scheduled market opening time, and MUST BE COMPLETED by the opening hour’s bell signal.
The best address for finding the vendor load-in space is: 470 Teece Avenue, Bellevue, PA 15202.
Vendors are responsible for removing all garbage from their booth space area and disposing of it properly, otherwise you will be assessed a $50 clean up fee. There is a dumpster available for garbage disposal near the parking lot in Bayne Park. Booth spaces are to be left in the same condition as when rented.
Breakdown starts at market end time and must be completed, and booths vacated, by the next hour after close.

FOOD TRUCKS: Food trucks will be considered daily vendors at $50 per day. Food truck vendors will provide dates they plan to attend when applying so we can schedule accordingly. Food truck vendor spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis. All food trucks must be self-contained; electricity will not be provided. Trucks must be set up between in the hour before market opens and stay in place for the duration of the market. On nights when a community concert is scheduled, Food Trucks may remain open past market close at their discretion***.
***Food Truck guidelines are subject to change based on park programming activities and borough rules, as well as at the discretion of market management. Any variances or allowances to stay beyond regular market hours will be communicated to owner/operators ASAP and in real time.

FOOD VENDORS: If you have oil, it is your responsibility to dispose of it properly and off-site (do not dispose of it in the park, garbage cans, sewers, etc.) Water containing soap or other chemicals used for cleaning must be disposed of properly as well, and subject to Bellevue Borough ordinances and local environmental standards. Contact market management with any concerns or questions.
You will be held accountable to clean up any oil messes/spills that may have occurred. Failure to do so may result in not being allowed to return to the market and no refunds will be given.

VENDOR EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: Each vendor is responsible for providing and removing any and all equipment and supplies that they require to do business on the Market site. This includes signs, tables, chairs, products, and equipment utilized for cleanup purposes, as well as collection and removal of all refuse generated from sales at their space.

SIGNS: All signs must remain within the allotted vendor's exhibit space and must not block traffic or pedestrian ingress or egress, or interfere with other vendors' display or views.

EXHIBIT SPACE: Market management has full authority to assign exhibit space. Permanent vendors will be assigned spaces for the season; requests for particular sites will be given consideration. Vendor space will be a designated area not to exceed 10 or 20 feet wide, depending on the size of space you signed up for. Exceptions may be made by the Market Manager/Committee.

DISPLAYS: Tables, tents, canopies, pop-ups, umbrellas, signs, and display items must be in good condition. Vendors will clearly display prices of all items and their farm/business name and location. Posting of current licenses, certifications, and inspections is recommended. At a minimum, vendors should have copies available at their sites and keep a copy on file with the Market Manager.

Vendors shall provide a non-vehicle display area for market goods. NO VEHICLE MAY REMAIN AT SALE SITE DURING MARKET HOURS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL FROM MARKET COMMITTEE/MANAGEMENT. NO VEHICLES MAY REMAIN RUNNING DURING MARKET HOURS. The use of canopies, awning and sun-umbrellas are encouraged.

GROWERS – the seller is the producer of the products being offered for sale, from lands he/she owns or rents, with control over the production, harvesting and marketing of the products, and a financial interest in the products. Produce must be fresh, of the best quality, and locally grown - preferably using sustainable principles. Exceptions to the production requirement may be permitted on a case by case basis by the Market Manager/Committee if in compliance with Farmers' Market Nutrition Program guidelines regarding wholesale purchases directly from farmers.
Any items not grown or produced by the vendor must be approved by the market manager/committee prior to bringing the item to market, and must be clearly labeled with the name of the farm or business that grows/produces it. By submitting an application, vendors agree that the Farmers Market Manager or their designee may inspect the vendor’s farm or facilities to ensure compliance.

CRAFTSPERSONS – all crafts offered for sale are original in nature and produced in whole by the seller. No crafts shall be permitted that are derived from kits.

OTHER PRODUCTS – all products are produced, baked or manufactured by the seller and are original in nature. No baked goods from mixes or purchased for finishing off will be permitted for permanent vendors. Any exceptions are considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Farmers Market Management/Committee.

Fresh produce, plant items, flowers, baked goods, jellies, jams, preserves, and other non-commercial food items may be sold.
Cooking is allowed on-site only with special dispensation from the Market Manager. The Market Manager will resolve any doubt as to the suitability of an item.
No soliciting or political or religious activities shall be permitted within the Market area.
Displays of public interest, such as nutritional, health or consumer information, may be displayed with the permission of the Market Manager. All products must be sold, displayed and stored from a surface above the ground. All vendors must utilize tables, shelves, cases or other structures for these purposes.

The choice of specific vendors will be made at the discretion of the Bellevue Farmers Market Committee and will be made with the intention of creating a diverse mix of vendors and products. Needs of the customers and profitability for vendors will be considered when determining vendor and product mix. No vendors are entitled to exclusivity. The above is used as a guideline in the vendor selection process. Please note, however, that the Market Manager may consider other criteria, as well. The Bellevue Farmers Market retains the right to use its discretion in interpreting eligibility criteria and in approving any vendor application. The Market Manager and/or the Bellevue Farmers Market Committee reserve the right to refuse any Vendor at any time. Please note that while product category exclusivity is not available, product categories are often limited. Again, this is at the discretion of the Market Manager and the Bellevue Farmers Market Committee.

FEES: All fees are utilized for Market operations and publicity. Any fees in excess will benefit additional market programming, Bayne Library, Bayne Park, and/or other sustainable and approved community benefit programs within Bellevue Borough.

PERMANENT VENDORS – Single space (10x10) $300; Double space (20x10) $450; Part time space (half season) $175. A limited number of electricity hook ups are available for vendors on a first come basis for an extra $50/season, with permanent vendors having priority.

DAILY VENDORS – Daily vendors will be charged $50 per market day and must complete an application in advance but no later than 12:00PM two days prior to the market in question. Only one application is required per season, but notification must be given to the Market Manager in advance of each appearance. Daily vendors will participate at the discretion of the Market Manager. If an electrical outlet is available, it can be added to the daily fee for $5/day. Food trucks will be considered daily vendors; advance contact with the Market Manager is required to secure a space on a market day. Trucks must be self-contained; electricity will not be provided. Trucks must set up in the hour before the market opens and remain in place throughout scheduled market hours.

MARKET OPERATIONS: PAYMENT FOR BOOTH SPACE IS DUE UPON MARKET APPROVAL OF YOUR APPLICATION. Once accepted, you will be sent a request for payment, which may come from PayPal or from the Market Manager. Checks must be made payable to Bellevue Farmers Market and sent to 201 Fisk Avenue, Avalon, PA 15202. Your spot at the market is not reserved until we have your completed application and we have received your payment. Non-payment will result in suspension of market privileges.

Upon acceptance to the Farmers Market, you will also be asked to submit a photo/photos of your items, business, or logo that can be shared on our social media pages and web site.

WEATHER POLICY: THE BELLEVUE FARMERS MARKET IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT. PLEASE MAKE PREPARATIONS FOR POSSIBLE INCLEMENT WEATHER. Plastic shower curtains work well if your tent doesn’t have sides. The Market Manager/Committee reserves the right to make a determination for cancelling/postponing/closing the market early due to severe weather/lightning. We will communicate any such changes with you as soon as possible.

ATTENDANCE: Full season vendors are expected to participate in the market every single week, and daily vendors are expected to participate every week they have specified. If you intend to miss the market, notify the market manager at the earliest possible time. It is vital to maintain consistency in order to build the customer base at our market. We strive to have a full market every single week.

1. The use of tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal substances is not permitted at the Market.
2. Behavior by vendors or customers judged to be disruptive or detrimental to the peaceful operation of the Market will not be allowed.
3. Small children brought to the Market by vendors must be kept under the supervision of a designated adult for the duration of the market’s operating hours. Please be aware of weather and temperature conditions when health advisories or safety may be of concern.
4. Any unsafe or unsanitary conditions should be brought to the immediate attention of the Market Manager.
5. No live animals, fowl, or fish may be sold at the Market.
6. Any accident or injury must be immediately reported to the Market Manager and to 911.
7. Neither Bellevue Farmers Market nor its representatives are responsible for damage or loss of any personal belongings.
8. Anyone who participates in the market – whether vendor, customer, or otherwise – attends at his/her own risk. Vendors will operate at their own risk and assume liability from the customers.

INSURANCE: Vendors are required to obtain general and product liability coverage in the amount of $1 million dollars and name the Bellevue Farmers Market and Bonafide Bellevue at the market address of 34 N Balph Avenue Bellevue PA 15202 as additional insureds. A certificate must remain current and on file with the market.

FARM/BUSINESS INSPECTIONS: The market management reserves the right to arrange visits and farm/business inspections to assure that the products sold are in compliance with the market's rules and regulations.

1. Proof of insurance as specified above. A certificate must remain current and on file with the market.
2. Sales Tax Certificate, if you sell taxable items.
3. All appropriate permits as required for products being sold: i.e. health permits, nursery license, dairy and meat permits, etc.
4. Copy of current certificate for organic goods must be placed on file with the market.
Email these documents to marketmanager@bellevuemarket.org

I (we) the undersigned, have read the Rules and Regulation of the Farmers Market and do agree to abide by all rules and regulations.
I (we) further agree to operate my (our) booth in accordance with these rules and regulations and to pay all applicable fees as set out in the rules and regulations. I (we) do understand that the booth fee, length of season, and hours of operation are set in the rules and regulations, and I (we) will abide by them.
I (we) further understand that failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the Farmers Market could mean dismissal from the market, and forfeiture of vendor fees and attendance deposit.
As a vendor, wishing to participate in the Farmers Market, I (we) agree to SAVE, HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY the Farmers Market, its sponsoring agency, members and employees from any and all liability or responsibility pertaining to any damages to person or property on the sited assigned to me (us) by the Farmers Market, when such damages or liability arise out of acts on my (our) own, or of my (our) employees or associates, located as such site.
I (we) verify that all information I (we) have provided about my farm and products for sale is true and accurate.
I (we) understand that the Farmers Market operates on limited funds. I (we) also acknowledge that the Farmers Market’s beneficial purpose will be impossible to pursue if it is subjected to costly litigation. Wherefore I (we) hereby agree that as a condition of my participation in the Farmers Market, I (we) will resort to litigation against the Farmers Market, its officers, management, and affiliated entities, only after attempting in good faith to resolve the dispute. I (we) agree to limit any claim I (we) may have as a result of a decision by the Farmers Market management or Steering Committee which results in the denial of a market acceptance, the denial of a product to sell, or wrongful suspension or termination from the Farmers Market, to a return of market fees incurred during my (our) absence from the market. I (we) further agree that in the event I (we) am unsuccessful in my (our) litigation against the Farmers Market, I (we) will pay all costs, expenses, fees, and disbursements incurred by the Farmers Market in the course of its defense of said litigation, and I (we) will also pay the Farmers Market a reasonable attorney’s fees.

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